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Bamboo is a plant that for several years has been recognised as an ingredient which can greatly help prevent hair loss and improve hair growth. It is possible for bamboo to be used internally as well as externally through a variety of teas and good quality supplements. Today, we would like to talk about Bamboo and see how it improves hair growth.


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Bamboo Silica Facts

Bamboo is the known fastest growing plant in the world. Specific types of bamboo can grow up to 10 centimetres each day. Not only does it grow quickly but it also stays strong and steady in the progress with its strength being likened to steel.

Bamboo contains the largest quantity of vegetative silica, which is approximately 70%. Silica is a trace mineral that slowly depletes as we age. Silica is a nutrient rich ingredient, which keeps your hair in a protective barrier and covers your hair with its silica rich nutrient base.

For those suffering from a silica deficiency, hair growth is not the only thing to be affected but also nail strength and growth and skin quality.

Benefits of Silica and Why Everyone Should Use It

  1. Gives glossiness to dull hair
  2. Helps in hair development for all hair types
  3. Prevents hair thinning
  4. Combats hair loss
  5. Ensures hair follicles are provided with vital minerals
  6. Strengthens hair
  7. Reduces hair shedding
  8. Thickens hair
  9. Gives appearance of healthy hair


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How to Take Bamboo

You can drink bamboo leaf tea or eat bamboo shoots as commonly found in Asian dishes. The benefits of drinking bamboo tea or eating bamboo shoots happen to be noticed slowly but surely if ingested regularly. But for those desiring quicker results, you can choose good quality bamboo silica supplements.

SuperFoodLx have formulated Bamboo Silica and Biotin supplements in order to help increase the moisture level of your hair, increases flexibility, strength and provides shine to your hair as well. The SuperFoodLx variety is the strongest bamboo silica and biotin blend on the market.

The Bamboo Hair Products

Bamboo includes antioxidant properties and is non-irritant, which is especially advantageous for people with dry, sensitive scalps. Using bamboo shampoos will gradually make your hair stronger, shinier, manageable and softer.

Our Message

We sincerely hope this post was able to help you on your healthy hair journey. Let us know how following these tips has helped you and feel free to ask us any questions or let us know what to include in our next post!

SuperFoodLx Editorial Team.

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