NAME: Chantal

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

Chantal takes one to two of the Kelp and Spirulina Hair Skin and Nail vitamins per day. The photos show her progress over 7 weeks. Testimony: “I’ve always had healthy hair and nails but this stuff is amazing. My nails are so long and strong and beautiful and my hair is growing so fast.”




ETHNICITY: Jamaican.

Lois began to suffer from extreme hair breakage and loss due to stress. She began to use the Option One package over a period of 7 months. She would take one to two kelp and spirulina vitamins a day and use the pomegranate Illuminism oil on her scalp and hair twice a week. In 7 months, Lois’ hair grew 3 healthy inches.



NAME: Ogechi.

ETHNICITY: Nigerian/Jamaican.

Ogechi was suffering from postnatal hair loss after giving birth to her second baby. She took two kelp and spirulina hair growth vitamins a day – one in the morning with her breakfast and one in the evening. The Before and After photos show how much her hair grew in two months.