Benefits of Using a Hair Mask

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During the cold season, it is important to pay extra attention to your daily hair care routine in order to prevent your hair from becoming brittle, dry and breaking.


Most hair masks are recommended for once-a-week use, but many haircare devotees who are desperately avoiding the brillo pad style frizz attack (or maybe that just me) religiously use a deep conditioning mask every time they wash their hair.

Masks can be applied to just the ends or all over the hair-depending on the type of hair you have. Men can also use masks on their beards if they truly desire the illusive silky beard effect that doesn’t slash peoples faces when they go in for a kiss.

In addition to literally transfiguring your damaged, dry hair into beautiful, shiny hair within minutes, using this hair mask either daily or weekly is a breeze. Apply sparingly to dry hair before shampooing, or apply to damp hair. Work thoroughly through the length and ends of the hair. For a deep conditioning treatment, it is best to leave on for 10 to 20 minutes for optimum absorption by the hair fiber, then make sure you rinse well. By using any of the Leonor Greyl deep conditioning masks, you can rest assured that you will never experience a bad hair day again caused by winter or even summer dryness.

We at SuperFoodLx challenge you to find an all natural conditioning mask which has more high quality; natural ingredients, vitamins, superfoods and nutrient dense oils than ours!



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