Cherry Francis is the Chief Recipe Formulator for SuperFoodLx. Cherry is a state registered Nurse with over 45 years in the UK’s National Health Service. She was raised amongst the tradition of using plants, herbs, flowers and oils to beautify the body. This skill is reinforced by her extensive knowledge and training in French perfumery and natural hair and skin care formulation. Her nature as a; nurse, grandmother and foster carer are the loving standards she draws upon when formulating a recipe. Each formulation is borne out of Cherry’s personal philosophy to; encourage health, heal and restore the natural, scientific intelligence of the hair and skin.

Paula Francis is Cherry’s daughter and the Director and Nutritionist for SuperFoodLx. As a Nutritional expert, Paula advises on the ingredients and nutritional content for every SuperFoodLx recipe. Paula’s rigorous standards for maintaining healthy, luxurious cosmeceuticals of the highest nutrient content, with no parabens, sulphates, mineral oil or animal testing can be seen in each recipe’s construction and continuous efficacy.