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Today we are going to share with you a few tips on how to achieve thicker and healthier hair through the use of superfoods and natural remedies.

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Why Does Hair Fall?

The reason that hair falls can be for a variety of reasons such as; stress, hormonal problems, underlying illnesses, toxic hair products or a having genetic predisposition. As a result of this, it is crucial to nourish your hair from the inside out through the best quality natural and organic means.

What Should You Do to Grow Thicker Hair?

Your hair is a great indicator of ones health and how much care you take of it. At SuperFoodLx we can easily say that to achieve thicker hair, you need to maintain a diet that is rich in; Zinc, Protein, Fatty acids, Sulphur, B vitamins, Complex Carbohydrates and Iron. A perfect balance of this with the addition of our SuperFoodLx Bamboo Silica will help make positive steps towards helping your hair problem. However, the tale does not end here as we are going to tell you about a few superfoods that you should be eating to help you get thicker hair.

Versatile Eggs

Hair is crafted out of keratin which is a type of protein and eggs are a rich source of that. Organic, free range eggs are rich in proteins that help to grow thicker hair, we will like to state that organic eggs are full of biotin and B vitamins, which are beneficial in reducing nutrition related hair loss problems and will help boost the overall health of your scalp. Try to consume one egg per day and you can take them in any form relying on your preference.

Lip-Smacking Almonds

Haven’t you heard your grannies requesting you to eat almonds for a brighter and a cleverer you? Well, these delicious nuts also help to grow stronger thicker hair as they shun hair loss and improve hair growth. Also, nuts like cashews, pecans and walnuts are worth a bite too but almonds are one of the finer suppliers of biotin.

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Nutrient Rich Broccoli

Often hair becomes subjected to the reduction of sebum, which gives birth to dry, brittle hair. Broccoli contains Vitamin A and C which assist in producing sebum and that same sebum works like a hair conditioner for your hair. Not only that, broccoli is rich in Potassium, Iron, magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids and Calcium which are all important nutrients for healthy hair. To garner the complete benefits of Broccoli, you must eat it raw and let the raw goodness work its magic on your hair. Try to incorporate broccoli raw into a salad or snack three to four times a week.

Something from Us

We sincerely hope this post was able to help you on your healthy hair journey. Let us know how following these tips has helped you and feel free ask us any questions or to let us know what to include in our next post!

SuperFoodLx Editorial Team.

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