Hair Tips To Grow Hair Like An A-List Celebrity

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If you are crazy over Olivia Palermo’s or Teyonah Parris’ hair and wish to get hair just like them, there are a series of rules, hair tips and tricks that you can follow. Now is the time to add these tips in your daily hair care routine and maybe, you too will have hair like an A-list celebrity. Read on to learn more.

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The Best of Hair Tips

She Sleeps On Silk

Sleeping on silk has a big advantage for your hair health and ability to maintain moisture. It manages frizzy hair and retains moisture of the hair much better than cotton which helps you to wake up with a less knotty mane. Not only that, silk is a natural heat regulator and keeps you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so no sweaty hair anymore.

She Eats Healthy

Keep in mind that only depending on hair products won’t give you those shiny, lustrous hair, you need to eat right! According to researchers, what we consume plays a huge role in the growth, gloss and volume of our hair. Also, make certain to eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron and protein which will gradually improve your hair texture and will help in hair growth as well.

She Applies Heat Protectant

Everybody has been stressing on the importance of skin sun protection but only a few talk about the significance of hair sun protection. We suggest that you use a leave-in conditioner daily and run it from mid-shaft to the ends of your hair; this will shelter your hair against dryness, saltwater and wind. One of the best hair tips, for sure!

She Takes Vitamins

Yes, taking vitamins is perfectly alright. The things you need to consider is how unhealthy your hair, skin and nails appear. If you are undergoing dry, flaky skin, ridging nails and hair fall, it means that you need help quickly. Taking vegan plant based vitamins is the finest way to improve your condition and once you begin to consume the correct quantities of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and herbs, you can be sure that you will begin to see fuller hair, improved skin and stronger nails in no time at all.

We will recommend these Kelp and Spirulina Vitamins for hair, skin and nails which include numerous rich nutrients like chlorophyll rich seaweed, minerals, vitamins and spirulina which all promote improved hair growth, clearer skin and stronger nails.


She Doesn’t Skip Moisturizer

Our scalp needs moisture the same way, the skin on our face does, particularly if it’s going to offer a healthy basis for hair to grow. A general tip is to condition your hair every time you shampoo your hair. Bear in mind, that conditioning doesn’t end the moment you leave the shower, you should use heat protectant even if you do not plan to perform heat styling. It helps to ease frizz, split ends and dryness, moreover protects your hair colour as well.

She Avoids Heat Styling

Yes, you heard it right! Stop heat styling as much as possible and making false promises that you will avoid heat styling but the next day, you reach straight for the hair dryer. If you just cannot give up heat styling, we will recommend you to try steam rollers as they are not excessively warm and are mild on hair because they are mainly heated by steam passing through the foam on the roller. These hair tips will save your mane for long.

Our Message

We sincerely hope this post was able to help you on your healthy hair journey. Let us know how following these tips has helped you and feel free to ask us any questions or let us know what to include in our next post!

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