Finding ways personal to you to help grow your hair faster really do depend on; your environment, health and lifestyle. Your neighbour’s favourite ‘grow hair faster’ tricks may not be the best for you or may not be what is affecting your hair growth.

Have a read to see if the 5 ways below are what you need to consider.

Stress over long periods of time has been noted to cause early signs of greying and hair thinning-particularly in women. When the body is stressed, the body needs more vitamins and minerals to compensate so as not to deplete the body and cause an illness or symptom. In short, take more holidays, smile more and do you best to fulfil your daily chill fix.

how to improve hair growth, 5 WAYS TO IMPROVE HAIR GROWTH

The best way to stimulate your hair follicles and make your hair grow faster is by increasing your blood circulation. The more blood flow your scalp receives the faster and thicker your hair will grow. Choose your favourite way to make that happen and go for it!

Frequent mini trims are one of the best ways to make hair grow healthier. A trim every 6 weeks is the general recommendation but only really you can know and assess how often your hair needs to be cut. Cutting the hair does not actually make the hair grow faster but trims help to keep the hair healthy by eliminating split ends caused by; heat damage, styling and general wear and tear.

Though hair can tolerate heat styling, it isn’t really designed to happily maintain daily or even weekly intensive heat. Too much heat exposure can damage and slow the growth of your hair. Blow drying your hair less will make your hair grow faster. We all appreciate that hair can sometimes can have a mind of its own and act crazy without a little bit of heat action but do try to either lessen the frequency of using heat on your hair or lower the temperature.

how to improve hair growth, 5 WAYS TO IMPROVE HAIR GROWTH

We all know how to do this but heres a few mini rules to incorporate on a daily basis specifically for hair growth. 1. More raw fruit and vegetables. 2. Less processed food 3. More oily fish, greens and nuts

Sneaky things which can steal your hairs joy!

Air Conditioning: Synthetic cooling or heating systems commonly found in; offices, homes and airplanes very quickly begin to takes their toll on your hair and skin. Hair growth fanatics should of course quit their office jobs and only travel if they have the energy to swim across the ocean with their two pieces of luggage. Other options would be to do protective styles such as placing hair in a braid or bun or doing more frequent deep conditioning treatments.

Medication: Multiple types of medication dehydrate the bodies system and consequently affect the hairs quality.

Medication which personally affects my hairs quality are pain or cold medication and hay fever tablets. When having to take medication, check with your doctor if it is suitable to take a multivitamin and always be sure to compensate with extra raw vegetables, fruit, water, herbal teas and juices to help the body detox.