Oils for Hair Growth – Olive Squalane

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Olive squalane is a natural, vegan alternative to squalene from sharks that is harvested from olives. The consistency is not really like an oil but more viscous to the touch.

Olive squalane is a deeply nutritive emollient which shares all of olive oils natural skin enhancing and softening benefits. It is more commonly used in premium anti ageing skin products but it has equally amazing benefits for hair growth, shine and elasticity.


One of the most prized benefits of Olive squalane is its ability to boost the skin’s cell renewal rate which is why it is such an ideal candidate as a hair and skin anti-ager and detoxifier.

Olive Squalane is so effective because when applied to the hair or skin, it improves their elasticity by increasing moisture retention and nutrients by imitating the hair and skins natural sebum. In harsh weather conditions, this helps to reduce the effects of weather damage such as; sun burn and dryness from cold weather. In general, whether your hair is exposed in the extremes of hot or cold weather, olive squalane helps to retain and replenish the hair and skin’s natural softness and moisture.

Squalane can be found in many vegetable oils not just olives. It is also found in human sebaceous secretions as a precursor of cholesterol. In humans, squalane levels peak in our early 20s and then decline very rapidly. Applying squalane to the hair and skin helps to combat this decline. Once squalane is absorbed into the skin, it naturally operates as an antioxidant. It prevents sun damage, the formation of age spots and promotes cell growth.

To experience the beautiful effects of squalane, try our Intelligence Hair Mask. It is perfect for applying to the ends of the hair while sunbathing to avoid both salt water and sun damage, or as a weekly or fortnightly deep treatment to repair and soften hair. Lets not mention how it can also tame brutal coarse beards that so many men are sporting these days….



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