Bamboo Silica and Biotin


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3 reviews for Bamboo Silica and Biotin

  1. Katie Wright

    I am usually reluctant to try new hair products until a friend recommended SuperFoodLx. Since I started using their products on a regular basis my dry scalp has been much improved and my hair looks much more healthy.

  2. Christine (verified owner)

    I’m on my second month taking these Bamboo Silica and Biotin supplements and loving them! My skin feels wonderful and my nails feel really strong since taking these. My hair has been in braids for the past month so time will tell whether they have helped with its growth and overall health, but I am positive that it’s benefiting from me taking these. SuperfoodLX products have become a great addition to my overall beauty routine!

  3. Paul Weatherley (verified owner)

    Just started my third month with the bamboo silica and biotin. Its early days but my scalp and hair does feel a lot healthier and not so dry. Feels a lot stronger and not so fine as it once was. I have bleached my hair bright white blonde since I was a teenager and I know its not the best for my hair but I love the look. I look after my hair very well but now it feels much better with the bamboo silica and biotin. Cant wait to see the results after six months as it feels so good so far! Will definitely carry on with these.

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