INTELLIGENCE is a lovely product! 10 out of 10

Lauren Jefferson
Chemically Processed Brunette, Enfield, London

INTELLIGENCE-10 out of 10

Nicole Antoine
Mixed Race Curls, North London

ILLUMINISM-I really like the feel of it on my hair and the smell is fab!

Hannah Antoine
Mixed Race Curls, North London

ILLUMINISM-My hair feels soft and silky and stays straighter for longer

Paulette Fenton
Natural Afro, North London

As I’ve aged, the texture of my hair has really changed. After using ILLUMINISM for one week, my hair was soft, manageable and best of all it has definitely improved my hair growth. An excellent product. 10 out of 10

Rose Hill
Afro Natural, North London

Before using ILLUMINISM, my scalp was dry and itchy. After one use, the itching stopped and my hair is now the softest and healthiest it has ever been.

Patsy Davis
Greying Relaxed, Afro Hair, Miami

After repeatedly bleaching the ends of my hair, along with using straighteners on it every day, my hair became extremely dry and actually began to break off when brushing. My housemate recommended INTELLIGENCE to me and the first time I used it, I left it on the ends of my hair overnight. The next day, after washing the product off, my hair was much less brittle, and already looked healthier. Since then I have continued to use it weekly, leaving on for just 5 minutes, and the condition and strength of my hair has improved drastically. A little bit goes a really long way, so it’s great value for money – would recommend!

Merle Walker
Grey Relaxed Afro Hair, North London

I am usually reluctant to try new hair products until a friend recommended SuperFoodLx. Since I started using their products on a regular basis my dry scalp has been much improved and my hair looks much more healthy.

Katie Wright
Brunette, South London

I use ILLUMINISM on my daughter’s very thick, very curly hair. After washing, I apply all over the hair to add moisture (London water is notoriously hard) and if there are any dry patches between washes or it’s looking a little dull, I add shine with a very small amount of the hair nutrient. A little goes a long way and at first use it smells rather strong but that fades after a short time. If you’re looking for a completely natural way to nourish your hair, give Illuminism Advanced Hair Nutrient Complex a try.

Chris Brooks