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NAME: Chantal

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

Chantal takes one to two of the Kelp and Spirulina Hair Skin and Nail vitamins per day. The photos show her progress over 7 weeks. Testimony: “I’ve always had healthy hair and nails but this stuff is amazing. My nails are so long and strong and beautiful and my hair is growing so fast.”



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ETHNICITY: Jamaican.

Lois began to suffer from extreme hair breakage and loss due to stress. She began to use the Option One package over a period of 7 months. She would take one to two kelp and spirulina vitamins a day and use the pomegranate Illuminism oil on her scalp and hair twice a week. In 7 months, Lois’ hair grew 3 healthy inches. In total after using the SuperFoodLx products and taking the vitamins for 1 year and  5 months, Lois’ hair grew 11 inches. 



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NAME: Ogechi.

ETHNICITY: Nigerian/Jamaican.

Ogechi was suffering from postnatal hair loss after giving birth to her second baby. She took two kelp and spirulina hair growth vitamins a day – one in the morning with her breakfast and one in the evening. The Before and After photos show how much her hair grew in two months. 



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NAME: Danielle Dorton

ETHNICITY: German & Italian

Danielle began taking the Kelp and Spirulina vitamins once a day to help accelerate her hair growth. Danielle frequently donates her hair to charity to help make wigs for cancer victims sufffering from hair loss during chemotherapy. Danielle’s hair grew 5 inches over 6 months and has noted that her nail quality is a lot stronger and not breaking, VITAMINS.


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NAME: Megan Edney

ETHNICITY: White – Irish/Welsh/English/German

Describe your hair type:

Straight, thick (in density and strand diameter), brunette (though has a real mix of colour – everything except gray!), natural blonde/auburn streaks especially after hair has been exposed to sunlight

What hair problem do/did you have and how long have/had you been experiencing?

this problem? I donated 22 inches of my hair to a real hair wig charity for alopecia/chemo sufferers back in March 2014.  I was in a horrible awkward mullet stage for what seemed like forever and my once very long hair seemed to take ages to grow again.  Once I got it to an even length, I then wanted my old length back and quickly!

What SuperFoodLx products have you been using/used?  Extra strength 5000ug Biotin and Bamboo Silica x 3 pots of 60 vegan capsules?

How do you use them/How often? I take 1 capsule daily with water, after a meal (I have had a couple of weekends away when I accidentally forgot to bring the pot with me but I have been very routine with taking them other than that).  I received my 6 month supply of capsules at the end of October and have been taking them practically every day since.  I am now part way through my second pot of capsules.  They are easy to swallow and don’t have any flavour and don’t have any side effects.

How long did it take to see/feel a difference from the haircare products?

By the end of November (after one month of taking the capsules), a couple of my friends – who see me on a daily basis at uni as well –  had complimented me on my hair growth and were really surprised by how much my hair had grown recently.  When they touched my ponytail they also commented on how thick my hair is too.  Since then, a fair few other people have also commented on my hair growth – particularly my friends from back home when I went home during my university holidays, they were particular surprised by how much my hair had grown especially as they had not seen me for a while so it was very noticeable to them.

How long did it take you too see/feel a difference from the vitamins?

Quote my sister “it suddenly got really long”. I really noticed an obvious difference after 1 month – I estimate that it has grown a couple of cm a month, definitely at least double what it grows on average.

With the vitamins, were there any other benefits other than hair growth? 

My hair in general is now in really good condition and even when I just shampoo it with no conditioner my hair still looks strong thick and healthy despite not conditioning it.

What is it you like about SuperFoodLx?

What I love the most is that the product actually WORKS.  I have used caffeine shampoos/liquids etc and have not been impressed with them but since taking these biotin supplements my hair has grown loads and very quickly too.  I have a Biochemistry degree and have done some internet research on Biotin and Silica and the effects and benefits they have and can now say, from my own personal experience, that yes, these vitamins definitely work to increase rate of hair growth and overall health.  I have a friend who had chemotherapy around the time I made my original hair donation and she is still struggling to grow her hair even after 2 years so I will definitely recommend this product to her!



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NAME: Khadeesha Légère

ETHNICITY: White – Mixed race

Khadeesha took 2 Kelp and Spirulina vitamins every morning and noticed that her curl pattern began to change and become more uniform and ‘corkscrew’ within the first 3 months.

She also said “my nails in particular are stronger. I normally have shellac put on and when they came off my nails would be shattered but that is not the case anymore. My nails and toenails are now very strong when they used to be prone to breaking. My digestion also improved with these vitamins. I will definitely be ordering again as I found that the spiruina and kelp tablets made my hair grow so much and these products seem to agree with me.