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Are you aware that beard has always been a historical symbol of power and wisdom? That is why leading men don this style, from Chuck Norris, Abraham Lincoln, to ZZ Top and our very own Santa, they all definitely know how to rock a beard. It isn’t necessary to grow a super lengthy beard but your aim should be to grow a beard that is healthy and full.

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How to Grow Your Beard

A diet rich in protein, less strain on the beard and more sleep all contribute to help ing you grow a beard faster. Strain is one of the main causative factors of hair loss and can converse the effects in men of any age. Protein provides the body with the correct nutrients to grow more hair and sleep is the required time to put it all into use. Even taking the suggested eight glasses of water daily will help to keep the hair growth thick and healthy along with one capsule a day of SuperFoodLx Bamboo Silica and Biotin supplements, to increase hair and nail growth. The water helps to breakdown the water soluble biotin in the system so that it can be correctly metabolised to help your body reap all the benefits to its maximum potential.

Biotin is often called ‘Vitamin H’ as it is so well associated with hair growth. This is particularly useful for men who experience thin, patchy beards or slow growth. As hair and nails are similar in biological construction accelerated nail growth can also be expected. So be sure to have the nail clippers ready before moving forward.

Dedicate Yourself to Growing a Beard

The next trouble men face when attempting to grow a beard faster is demanding awkward expectations. It is almost ridiculous to wake up one morning with a full thick beard, but you can start to see growth over a few days. When attracted to shave it all off, keep in mind that it will take time and that you are taking active steps, in the correct downward direction. Many men get out of the irritating beard growth phase by the end of the week, so concentrate on something else and it will grow quicker.

Utilise Existing Facial Hair

Just because the beard is not lengthy yet, or where you wish it to be it does not mean  that you can’t have fun with the growth you already have. Take each new growth period as a time to test out new beard styles and appreciate the growing stubble. Keeping the beard shaped is also a good technique for making the appearance of thicker and fuller hair.

Invest in a good quality facial groomer so that you can shape the new hair growth as soon as it arrives. While it may not appear sensible to cut hair, keeping it in shape will give the appearance of thicker hair and help to encourage a stronger healthier beard.

how to have thick hair

Care for Your Facial Hair

By using the Intelligence Nourishing Day Cream, you can make your hair well hydrated, nourished and silky soft. It has been especially designed to hydrate and replenish the all hair types to promote healthy hair growth. Castor oil is also useful for your hair. Try applying it at night and then washing your beard in the morning. It encourages hair growth and will help fill in patches overtime along with a balanced diet.

Our Message

We sincerely hope this post was able to help you on your healthy hair journey. Let us know how following these tips has helped you and feel free to ask us any questions or let us know what to include in our next post!

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