Accelerate hair growth, strengthen nails and clear up skin with this 3-in-1 super supplement

Having separate hair and skincare routines can be both time consuming and expensive - but there’s no need for all those serums and lotions with SuperFoodLx’s new 3-in-1 Hair, Skin & Nails Supplement!

Formulated by a nurse-nutritionist duo, this supplement uses nutrient-rich seaweed kelp, freshwater algae and 24 other plant-based ingredients, and has already helped thousands of women regrow their hair, maintain clearer, smoother skin, stop hair shedding and improve scalp health - boasting clearer skin within 2 weeks and new hair growth within 12 weeks.

Nutrients and minerals such as calcium, fluorine and magnesium in this 3-in-1 formulation work to prevent nutrient deficiencies - which manifest as nail ridges, chipping and breakage - leading to stronger and longer nails.

Adding a source of kelp to your diet can also significantly boost energy and endurance levels, improve competitive performance, and help to improve body composition - all of which assist weight loss.

The 3-in-1 Hair, Skin & Nails supplement is gluten-free, vegan-friendly and available to order now from the SuperFoodLx website priced at £31 for a tin of 60 capsules.

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