SuperFoodLx are committed to developing luxurious and highly sophisticated nutrient dense formulations. There is no product that we would consider producing that would not make a genuine, effective and long lasting contribution to the health and beauty of your skin and hair.


SuperFoodLx endeavours to use a selection of superfood ingredients in every formulation so that each application of our products are like ‘mini balanced meals’ for the hair or skin. Over the years, nutritional content in food has and continues to deplete so we are always aiming to make every product as nutritionally rich as possible. The ‘Lx’ stand for Lux which is not only a nod to the word ‘luxury’ but most importantly the latin abbreviation of scientific unit of light. We use UV protected packaging for all of our products as a way to maintain the nutritional integrity of the gentle plant based formulations that we create.


SuperFoodLx is vegan and cruelty free and will always remain so.


Our scientific partners include some of the world’s most respected UK based scientists, whom all work together to maintain SuperFoodLx´s simple yet beautiful philosophy of unrivalled; Integrity, Purity, Light and Strength.