Amino Acids Against Hair Loss: Which Can Help You?

Amino acids are among the smallest building blocks among proteins. Still, these chemical compounds are important to the human body. Especially when it comes to the structure of the body tissue or a healthy structure of the skin and hair. But how can amino acids protect you from hair loss?

The main building material of human hair is keratin, also a protein. Therefore, for healthy hair growth to be possible, you must ensure adequate intake of amino acids in your meals on a daily basis.

The problem of hair loss can affect both men and women. But there are ways and means to counteract it and promote hair growth. In addition to vitamins and other nutrients, amino acid metabolism is particularly important.


7 Essential Amino Acids to Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Hair Health

  1. L-cysteine

Cysteine ​​or L-cysteine ​​is one of the essential amino acids with an antioxidant effect. It is considered important for hair structure and growth as it can have a positive effect on both. It is found in natural foods such as nuts, tuna, lobster, and meat, but also in supplements that promote hair growth.


  1. Arginine

As a non-essential amino acid, the human body can produce arginine from vitamins and other amino acids. It has a dilating effect on blood vessels and contributes to better blood circulation, so more micronutrients reach the roots of the hair. In addition, arginine strengthens the immune system and can prevent hair loss caused by diseases.


  1. Lysine

It is an essential amino acid, it is found mainly in animal proteins such as meat, eggs, dairy products and fish. Supports the formation of collagen, can strengthen hair and improve its own repair mechanisms. Taking it reduces hair loss and strengthens the overall structure of the hair.


  1. Methionine

Methionine is an essential sulfur-containing amino acid that, due to its properties, can combine to form chains. It also participates in the formation of cysteine. The healthy body needs approximately 1000mg a day. However, if you are affected by allergies or other illnesses, this value can fluctuate significantly. The best methionine suppliers such as cod, sardines, beans and cashews.


  1. Glycine

It is the smallest variant of the amino acid complex. This amino acid is contained in almost all proteins and plays an important role in metabolism. As a non-essential amino acid, it is formed in the body, so it does not have to be ingested with food. Glycine supports hair growth and health, as it determines the metabolism of keratin and is an important component of collagen.


  1. Proline

It is formed in the body from glutamate and is found mainly in meat and dairy products. From a varied diet, you significantly promote the synthesis of this amino acid. Proline slows down the breakdown of collagen, contributes to hair growth and health. If there is a lack of proline, brittle and dry hair can occur and hair loss occurs.


  1. Glutamine

As a non-essential amino acid, it can be produced by the body itself. A balanced diet supports glutamine synthesis, which declines with age. An increased need can also occur during periods of stress or during physical and mental exertion. With regards to hair, glutamine is important for supplying energy to hair follicles and sulfur for vigorous growth.


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