For Healthy Hair in 2023, Adopt These 8 Practices

A new year brings fresh starts. Our New Year's resolution is to treat ourselves with the utmost kindness and compassion, and that includes taking better care of our hair.

The science behind hair wellness is founded on the idea that the scalp is only a small part of the equation when it comes to hair development. Based on our findings, a healthy hair growth cycle is directly related to general health, including but not limited to hormone balance, stress reduction, diet and metabolism.

SuperFoodLx recommends supplementing your diet with plant-based hair wellness products like 5HTP from the ghanian plant griffonia simplicolia to reduce stress (found in our Mood Architect supplement), chlorophyll-rich moringa, sea moss, spirulina, and kelp to get all of your plant-based vitamins, minerals, and omega fatty acids, and amino acids, collagen-boosting bamboo silica, and other hair-building nutrients to promote healthy hair growth in 2023.

In addition, good stress management, improved nutrition, and reduced exposure to environmental contaminants are all self-care and lifestyle behaviours that can improve your hair's health. 

  1. Use a plant based stress reducer

Hair loss and slow hair growth is based on multiple factors where stress will almost always be a strong contributor. 5HTP is her go-to anti-stress herb. SuperFoodLx’s Mood Architect aids in maintaining healthy stress hormone levels and enhancing one's ability to adapt to or recover from stressful situations. While we cannot always eliminate the stresses of live, we can help our body to respond better to its triggers by lowering our stress response. Our favourite at SuperFoodLx is Aa plant based extract called 5HTP. 5HTP can benefit our sleep, libido and temperament. 

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a transmitter amino acid that increases the level of serotonin when it reaches the brain. [1] Serotonin affects important functions such as mood, sleep, appetite or anxiety, also affecting hair growth. The 5-HTP compound is especially indicated to fight depression and anxiety because it increases the synthesis of serotonin.

  1. Keep a regular sleep-wake schedule.

The brain is at its most relaxed during sleep and increased cortisol (stress hormone) levels might inhibit hair growth from a lack of sleep. Both your hair and your brain will benefit from committing to a regular sleep-wake schedule (i.e., the same time for going to bed and getting up each day) and from receiving seven to nine hours of sleep every day.

  1. Regular physical activity

Exercising is beneficial for hair development since it reduces stress, improves sleep, and speeds up the metabolism. Taking the time to engage in physical activity, whether it be high-intensity workouts or more low-key pursuits like going for a stroll or riding a bike in the park, will do wonders for your mental and physical health. If physical activity is not currently a part of your daily routine, ease into it and discover what you enjoy. The goal is simply to get moving and clear your head.

  1. Take a pre and probiotic for gut health

Your immune system, vitamin absorption, and digestion will all benefit from your gut's health, and that will show in your hair. Emerging evidence also connects the gut flora to cognitive performance, cardiovascular wellness, and blood sugar. For healthy hair, nutrition absorption is crucial. Taking a probiotic and a prebiotic on a daily basis may improve digestion and nutrient delivery to your hair follicles. Try our Key supplement for the perfect balance of these nutrients for your hair growth

  1. Reduce the amount of products you use on your hair.

It has been well established that using synthetic products too frequently, you risk chemical exposure, pore clogging, and excess product accumulation. Taking a break from using these products, you may want to check the labels for harmful substances like parabens and sulphates.

All of our topical products are free from these harmful ingredients. Try our non foaming Quinoa Strengthening shampoo and conditioner to experience the difference.

  1. Reduce the heat on your hair

When hair is exposed to high temperatures, it can become dry, brittle, and even break. Try using ceramic tools below 400 degrees and curl your hair without using heat.

  1. Don’t forget to take your SuperFoodLx supplements daily

SuperFoodLx hair growth pills are our all-time favourite hair health practise. If you take your SuperFoodLx supplements with a meal, you won't have any trouble turning them into a daily routine. You can even open the capsules and pour the contents over cold foods like smoothies or in your juice. Hair begins to thicken and grow faster for SuperFoodLx users by the third month with regular use.

SuperFoodLx is designed to help reduce and prevent stress, diet and hormone induced hair thinning and slow hair growth. Find your perfect hair growth supplement here: 

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