Mum knows best: I was so stressed all my hair fell out TWICE - I was about to buy a wig until my mum’s miracle invention cured me - and now we sell it together

A London woman has revealed how extreme stress meant that she suffered sudden and severe hair loss twice - but after a miracle invention from her NHS nurse mother cured her, the pair teamed up to build a booming hair care business.

While living in New York, Paula Francis (40) explains that her life became so stressful that her hair began breaking off in clumps.

“I was far away from home and working non-stop, and a combination of dodgy products and the stress I was under meant that I lost around an inch off the hair on the crown of my head, and two inches up the nape of my neck. At first I would style my hair to hide the patches but they were getting bigger and harder to cover up. It got to the point where I was looking up wigs I could use without people at work noticing”.

Paula shared what she was going through with her mother back in the UK - nurse Cherry Francis (73) -  who began putting together homemade concoctions in her kitchen to send to her daughter in the post. To Paula’s surprise, her hair began growing back within 3 days of using her mother’s miracle oil.

“My mum was really upset at the thought of me being under so much stress while I was so far away from home but I never expected her to cook up a miracle for me. I couldn’t believe how well it worked - she’s a nurse, not a hair specialist. My hair grew back and I went back to work but as time went on I kept thinking -  if the solution was really that simple then we can really make something of this to help other people”.

Paula moved back to the UK and together with Cherry started up vegan wellness brand SuperFoodLx - but the stress of building a business from the ground up meant that after 6 months, Paula was struck with severe hair loss for a second time and had to rely on her mum to come to the rescue yet again.

“I was under extreme stress and wasn’t looking after myself so my diet suffered. I wasn’t giving myself the right nutrition to deal with the stress and that’s when my hair started falling out again - I started to realise that there were big issues I had to address. My mum dropped everything yet again and started making supplements that would provide me with the nutrients my body was lacking and once again, something my mum had made at home was the reason my hair grew back”.

Paula explains that while building a business can come with extreme stress, doing it alongside her mum has made it all worth it.

“It doesn’t feel like working. We’ve had a lot of setbacks and disappointments along the way but it means everything to be going through it with someone you know you can trust with your life”.

SuperFoodLx stock a range of plant-based hair care products and natural supplements that heal, strengthen, and grow the hair.


SuperFoodLx is a vegan hair wellness brand formulated to help women heal, strengthen and grow their hair. Started by a nurse and nutritionist mother-daughter team inspired by Paula’s hair loss and her mother helping it to grow back with a home-made nutrient rich oil blend. SuperFoodLx has gone on to help thousands of women regrow their hair faster and stronger using unique plant based formulations     

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