SuperFoodLx strives to reinforce its reputation of being the most effective and trustworthy, high quality hair wellness brand which helps women to; heal strengthen and grow their hair.

SuperFoodLx understands that each woman should be treated as an individual in regards to their hair wellness treatment and that not every woman’s hair complaints are for the same reason. We pride ourselves on offering a range of hair wellness products that actively take women’s; stress, diet and hormone levels into account. We house a selection of high functioning, nutrient dense hair growth formulations and we would like to let more people know about it.

SuperFoodLx is not your conventional haircare brand. Our products are remedial and intuitive with proven results. SuperFoodLx is excited to become the most trusted hair wellness destination website in the world and we would love your help to do that. If you would like to help be our voice to spread the word about SuperFoodLx and earn for doing so, apply below.


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