Before & After Photots Oils & Creams

NAME: Kirsty Samantha

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

Kirsty suffers with rosacea and shared some feedback after using a few drops of the Hair Skin and Nail oil on her face.

“I wanted to share how amazing your product is. I suffer with rosacea, and it has calmed down the redness and massively taken down the lumps and break outs – I now use this every evening. I now can leave the house makeup free”.


NAME: Akanni Aderetti.

ETHNICITY: Afro Caribbean.

Akanni had very coarse textured hair and a dry scalp. After shampoo, Akanni applied a 3-4 pea sized amounts of Illuminism to the scalp and then Intelligence all over the hair as a leave in conditioner. “This really is a billion dollar idea! My hair looks and feels completely different after one application”.


NAME: Christian 5 years old.

ETHNICITY: Mixed Race.

Christian’s parents found his hair would knot easily as it was quite dry and unmanageable. They applied Intelligence conditioner during his bath time for 5 minutes for dramatic results.


NAME: Jade Maxwell.

ETHNICITY: Mixed Race.

Jade has thick curly hair which is prone to dryness and frizz. She shampooed and conditioned her hair as normal then towel dried it. She applied one spoon all over hair and gently rinsed it out leaving some intelligence cream in her hair for added moisture. ‘My hair is so much softer and more manageable. It has made such a difference to how my hair looks and feels’.


NAME: Soraya Bahloul.

ETHNICITY: Tunisian and Spanish.

Soraya suffers from severe scalp and hair damage due to a Brazilian Straightening system. She applied three large scoops of Intelligence all over the hair. She then wrapped her hair in a towel and left the Intelligence in overnight and washed it out the next morning. “It smells like a spa and my hair looks and feels amazing after just one day”.



ETHNICITY: Caucasian

Anna has colour treated, grey hair. She applied Intelligence to the ends of her hair for 3 minutes then spread it throughout the rest of her hair for another 2 minutes before washing out. Anna can also apply a half pea size amount of Intelligence to the ends of her hair as a leave in conditioner between washes if needed.


NAME: Maria


Maria previously had slightly dry and brittle hair. Maria shampooed her hair and then towel dried it. She then applied 2 large spoons of Intelligence to the length of her hair as a deep treatment mask for one hour. The results show her after gently rinsing Intelligence out of her hair with a little conditioner. ‘My hair feels so soft and looks so shiny. I’m really impressed with the results after one hour’.


NAME: Paula Francis

Paula accidentally burned her elbow from kettle steam and used the CBD 1% butter as a moisturiser over the dry damaged skin (not on an open bleeding wound) to see if it would help reduce the possibility of scarring as this is something she is affected by very easily.

The photos show how the skin healed over a one week period after applying the butter sparingly to the skin several times a day. The butter was reapplied every time it soaked in gradually throughout the day or was rubbed off by clothing.