SuperFoodLx is a premium, vegan haircare brand created to help women; heal, strengthen and grow their hair.

The Kelp & Spirulina Hair Skin and Nail vitamin has been carefully formulated by a NHS Nurse and Nutritionist mother-daughter team.

A lightweight, fragrance free, multi-vitamin formulae which might just be the best thing you ever use.

Our consumers tried and tested our product stating these benefits:

-Accelerated hair growth.

-Reduced fine lines.

-Reduced acne breakouts.

-Decreased dandruff.

-Improved rosacea.

If you’re struggling with weak, thin or slow growing hair, follow our happy fans and try SuperFoodLx today.

See some of our success stories below:

Packed with naturally good-for-you ingredients.

SuperFoodLx’s hair growth vitamins product HAIR SKIN & NAILS is vegan and gluten free and a 1 to 2 months supply of pure blend multi vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll rich plants.

Containing the nutrient rich seaweed-Kelp and fresh water algae Spirulina renowned for their; super antioxidant power, high nutritional value and connection to accelerated hair growth, clear skin and beautiful nails.

HAIR SKIN & NAILS is scientifically formulated with targeted nutrients to promote faster stronger hair growth with improved texture from the inside out with ingredients to aid improved nail strength and skin vibrancy.

Hair grows in 3 cycles: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen and HAIR SKIN & NAILS supports your hair growth at the optimal level at every single stage.

Consumer trials report clearer skin in 1 to 2 weeks and new hair growth within 4 to 8 weeks.

Why Choose SuperFoodLx Kelp & Spirulina hair growth vitamin supplement?

Confidence In Clearer Skin.

This chlorophyll rich formula helps to detox your system to promote clearer softer skin. Kelp helps to prevent early loss of elasticity of the skin and therefore keep skin looking firmer and younger for longer. Kelp contains minerals like calcium, fluorine and magnesium which all help provide radiance to the skin. It is also rich in Vitamins A, C and E, as well as minerals such as magnesium, selenium and zinc. These vitamins and minerals are essential to regenerating skin cells and tissue.

Accelerate your hair growth.

If your hair is prone to dryness & frizz your hair will look and feel great. With just one order you'll see new hair growth (7-12 weeks). We've seen success with every ethnicity, this is the route to softer and more manageable hair. Our plant based bland of 26 ingredients ensures that you get all the essential nutrients in your diet to aid strong healthy hair growth.

Reduce nail chipping and flaking

With our unique blend of vitamins and trace mineral, nutrient deficiencies which manifest as nail ridges, chipping and breakage will soon decrease leading to stronger, longer nails.


- This product really works.
I have been taking the kelp and spirulina capsules since july 2017, I can assure you this product really works. My nails never used to grow but taking these tablets at 2 a day my nails are long and strong. As for my hair it has grown much longer, a must buy if you want longer nails and longer hair. Many thanks superfoodlx.

-Yolanda McDonald 

-My hair is now stronger

I was a little unsure about hair tablets with some brands causing skin breakouts but thought I’d give SuperFoodLx ago. I’ve been taking 2 Kelp and Spirulina tablets first thing in the morning for 3 months and notice the difference between 4-6 weeks without any skin breakouts. My hair is now stronger and the length is noticed by all my friends and family.

-Ruthina Bobb

-The texture of my hair felt different after 3 months

I’ve been taking Kelp and Spirulina for approximately one year. I take two tablets a day. It has natural ingredients and clear labelling. The texture of my hair felt different after 3 months and looked longer in length after 6 months I will continue using this product. Well done.

-Veronica Bobb

-My hair has grown and has thickened up

The Kelp and Spirulina vitamins and oil have been wonderful to my hair and skin , before I met you at Olympia show I gave up on my hair ever growing back or thickening up, I tried every treatment going. But since I started taking the supplements I can honestly say I have every faith in your products and don’t ever want to go with out them they are without doubt the best products I have ever used and will continue to use.
My hair has grown and has thickened up which I never believe would happened again. I have since purchased the hair oil, shampoo and conditioner and have made a purchase for the hair cream. I want to use only your products on my hair because I have every faith in them. I want to say a big thank to you and your mom for the fantastic work you guys are doing and pray you continue. I have recommended your products to family and friends who asked me what I am using. Once more thank you so much and keep up the great work.

-Claudia M

-Helped thicken and grow my hair!!!

They really have helped thicken and grow my hair!!!

-Anike Clarke

-My favourite

My favourite SuperFoodLx product is the Hair, skin and nails capsules!

-Laila Haqq

-I have definitely noticed a difference

I am being disciplined and I’m taking my tablets daily, this will be my 4th month of taking 1 tablet a day which is why it probably took longer to see any results but I have definitely noticed a difference with my hair and nails. My nails are stronger and are growing straight rather than curved and I have had some good hair growth. I use the oil on my face at night and I love it, it soaks straight into the skin!

-Natalie Cassius

-I noticed a difference in my hair

I noticed a difference in my hair with the last order. The texture felt much improved, which was amazing as I couldn’t actually see any new regrowth, but holding clumps up to the light it looked thicker about 4” from the scalp up. My friend who is a hairdresser said she could definitely see an improvement. I have been without the supplement for a month and can feel a deterioration in that time.

-Jackie Neary

Recommended for those with; stress, diet or hormone related hair thinning or slow weak hair growth.
Contains: 1 months supply (2 per day) or 2 months supply (1 per day).

Order now and get two months for the price of one

Accelerated Hair Growth, Stronger Nails & Clearer Skin

Start your journey to fuller hair today.