Nail Growth Study

Becoming a SuperFoodLx Nail Growth Case Study will allow you the best opportunity to grow your nails stronger, longer and faster. You will be using a selection of our premium products over a 6 week period at a fraction of the cost with advice tailored to your specific, lifestyle and dietary requirements from the SuperFoodLx Team.

You will be advised on how to look after your nails in the best possible way as well as on what the product options are best recommended to help you achieve your nail growth goal.

After receiving payment and your photo, you will be sent a short questionnaire to answer which will allow the SuperFoodLx Team to guide you over the coming months to a more productive and successful nail growth experience.

Take/use the advised supplements consistently and complete the study successfully within 2 months.
For each submitted photograph your nails must be free from; dark or opaque nail polish, false nails or any other nail gel or synthetic covering that may weaken the natural strength of the nails.
Submit a clear, in focus photo using the photo instructions as the guide*
Take a photo of one of your hands placed next to a newspaper date (as in the photo reference below) on day 1 of you starting your vitamins
Take a photo of the same hand 2 weeks later and then another 4 weeks later.
To complete the study successfully you will have submitted 3 photos-one at the start, the second two weeks in and the third at 6 weeks.
Submitting photos a few days either side of the recommended time frames is fine 🙂
After successful completion you will receive a credit of £10 towards any SuperFoodLx product.

Participation Fee: £35
Postage Fee: (UK): £2.95
Postage Fee: (International):£7.95

2-3 products (various combinations of the SuperFoodLx range worth up to £80)
Tailored advice on how to best use the products for your personal needs.
Additional dietary and lifestyle tips
*After successful completion, you will receive a credit of £10 towards any SuperFoodLx product. Applicable to non sale items only*