What You Need To Know About Scalp Health - The Complete Guide

If you desire healthier hair, the best place to start is source of the issue. From the necessity of shower filters to why you should stock up on apple cider vinegar, us at SuperFoodLx will provide expert suggestions for a healthy scalp.

Scalp Health

Given that the scalp is an extension of the skin on the forehead, it should be treated with the same care as the face. After all, your hair and scalp undergo the same conditions as your face. At the end of the day, they both get equally filthy and are exposed to the same dangerous environmental pollutants. It is a fallacy that your scalp and hair will clean itself over time; yeasts and bacteria flourish in an oily environment and can accumulate on the scalp over time. It is for this reason that you should shampoo your hair and scalp regularly – at least every other day – to improve the general cleanliness of this region. Remember that a healthy scalp is essential for hair development, and a healthy scalp is one that is clean.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a naturally acidic substance that contains AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), which has antibacterial, exfoliating, and anti-dandruff qualities. This makes it an excellent component for cleansing your scalp. In addition, apple cider vinegar is anti-inflammatory, so it may be used to soothe a sore scalp without stripping the hair of its natural nutrients. Either incorporate it into a product as an ingredient, or dilute it with water before using it undiluted. Leave it on for a few minutes so that it may absorb and break up the dirt." –Munir

Change your perspective

Even though we routinely wash our hair and get haircuts, it's so simple to disregard what your scalp needs. Think of it like a flowerbed; it must be hydrated in order to provide a healthy environment for hair growth. You will notice a change in the overall appearance of your hair if you take care of it. In addition to using cosmetics, massage your scalp to increase circulation and modify your diet to support good skin in this area.

Hair Follicles

The health of our hair follicles is essential for a full and healthy mane. Blood arteries give oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles and the remainder of our hair. Diet and vitamins are a proactive measure you may take for their upkeep. Consume meals and plant based supplements rich in Vitamins A, B , C, D, E, MSM, iron, silica, protein, and zinc to achieve this. In addition, a mild massage can promote blood flow to the hair follicles.

Caring for Skin Conditions

For the majority of us, the scalp requires some basic care and maintenance, but there are a few frequent concerns that can throw off the equilibrium. This includes seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. Both are common illnesses characterised by red, itchy, scaly areas; happily, both are also simple to treat. Also a typical cause of an irritated scalp is hair loss. This can appear as hair breakage, excessive shedding, and bald patches, but can also be caused by drugs, inflammation, and overall damage. Scalp psoriasis is an additional ailment worth learning about. This often manifests as red, elevated, inflammatory areas of skin that appear brown or purple on darker skin tones. Psoriasis is characterised by a fast buildup of skin cells, which leads to a thick, scaly covering of skin that is susceptible to infection. If any of this seems similar, consult your physician or healthcare professional immediately. 

Deep Condition

By maintaining the health of your hair and scalp, you may minimise porosity and seal the exterior hair cuticle, therefore strengthening the individual hair strands. This will also boost your hair's lustre. Certain nutrients also nourish the scalp. This includes iron-containing foods and supplements, vitamin C (which helps the body absorb iron), L-lysine, and vitamins D and B12. These can be found in our Kelp and Spirulina Hair Skin and Nails and The Key supplements.

Hard Water

Because of the porosity of your hair and the physical barrier it forms on your scalp, minerals and soap scum from hard water are more likely to become 'caught.' Mineral deposits can obstruct hair follicles, impairing hair development and general health. In addition, magnesium and calcium in hard water deplete moisture, causing itching and flaking. Add to it the fact that hard water increases the naturally acidic pH of your scalp, and you can see why discomfort is so frequent. Install a shower filter if you discover that this is an issue in your area.

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