3 Scalp Problems That Could Indicate Other Health Issues - NHS Nurse Edition

An NHS nurse has revealed that scalp issues could be a warning sign of more serious health problems.

NHS nurse and natural health expert Cherry Francis has revealed that your scalp issues could actually be a sign of something far more serious going on with your health - Cherry explains why and how you can treat the symptoms.

3 scalp problems that could indicate other health issues

#1 - Dry scalp - you may be suffering from a fatty acid deficiency

  • Having a dry scalp could indicate that you are deficient in essential fatty acids, also known as Omega fatty acids - these are essential for many of the body's functions, helping to soothe inflammation and create certain hormones.
  • This nutrient is vital for the health of your hair follicles as it brings moisture to both the hair and scalp, with a deficiency leading to dryness, itching and flaking.

TREAT IT - Increase your dietary intake of essential fatty acids by eating omega-rich foods such as flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, sea buckthorn, chia seeds and walnuts. For an immediate topical treatment, use a lightweight hair oil that will soothe itchy skin and provide it with the necessary moisture and nutrients.

#2 - Premature greying - you’re overly stressed

  • Though greying is inevitable, it can have an earlier onset if you are overly stressed as stress affects the stem cells that are responsible for creating and regenerating hair pigment, leading to an early loss of colour.
  • You may also be lacking in copper, a trace mineral that plays an important role in the formation of melanin in your hair.

TREAT IT - Eat items high in copper such as kelp, spirulina, sesame seeds and mushrooms to help maintain pigment in your hair. You can also supplement your diet with vitamins that contain organic seaweed extracts that are rich in copper to further promote growth and prevent greys.

#3 - Hair shedding - you may have a thyroid imbalance

  • You lose around 50-100 hairs naturally per day as part of the hair's healthy hair growth cycle. However, excessive hair loss could indicate various health issues such as anaemia, severe vitamin D deficiency or thyroid imbalances.
  • Thyroid imbalances can cause hair loss due to an overactive immune response that attacks hair follicles, whereas a deficiency in vitamin D or iron inhibits the body's ability to make haemoglobin which is essential for hair growth.

TREAT IT - Speak to your GP and get a blood test ASAP to confirm a possible diagnosis. In the meantime, you can supplement your diet with foods or supplements that contain high levels of vitamin D and iron, such as red meats, oily fish, eggs and various types of milk.


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