3 Fundamentals to Care for Your Scalp to Promote Hair Growth

To promote healthy hair development, it is necessary to pay attention to the scalp. The scalp performs a crucial function. However, we do not consider it until it becomes unsettling. A flaky, itchy scalp is uncomfortable and inhibits hair development.

Care for your scalp to promote hair development. Follow these three fundamentals.

Three Fundamentals of Scalp Care

1. Maintain its health with a balanced diet.


2. Cleanse your scalp routinely


3. Maintain hydration by consuming water, using protective hair styling and using hydrating products

We often take better care of the sensitive skin on our faces and necks. However, the scalp need the same degree of care. The scalp may not be as visible, but it has a huge influence on your hair's health.

Scalp Hygiene Practice


The scalp needs routine washing. Sebum is the oil that is naturally generated by the scalp and is essential for hair nourishment. Nevertheless, it attracts dirt. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a washing programme to avoid the follicles from being blocked.

It varies on your hair type, however some individuals with fine hair will find that daily cleaning is necessary; coarser hair varieties, such as afro hair, may only require washing once every two weeks. For many individuals, two to three times a week is adequate.

As a starting point for your scalp care regimen, I advise that you consider your hair type. This will assist you in determining how frequently you should wash your hair.

Consider how your scalp feels. Is your scalp very greasy? If yes, you should rethink how you wash your hair and scalp. Are you being gentle enough? Remember that excessive tight hairstyles, chemical treatments and heat might over activate the sebaceous glands and result in excessive oil production.

Is your scalp too dry? If you answered yes, examine your shampoo. Is it appropriate for you? Does it include hydrating components? Maybe consider changing your hair washing frequency. Maybe you are not consuming enough healthy oils in your diet from seeds, avocados etc Foods also contribute to healthy oil production in the scalp.

Once you begin to examine your scalp, you will be able to make improvements to your scalp care regimen.

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