In June 2016 The Health Bloggers Community hosted their first ever awards ceremony titled the ‘HBC Blog Awards’. The event was in collaboration with That Protein and sponsored by ourselves along with other great brands such as; Linwoods, Protein Haus and The Soil Association. The awards were a friendly and fun celebration of the fast-growing community of health bloggers which continues to grow and evolve each day.

Here at SuperFoodLx we have chosen to interview a few of the winners and finalists from the HBC Awards. Each interview provides a mini insight into each blogger but what SuperFoodLx liked the most about the interviews was learning about what makes a great health blog and each health blogger’s favourite health tips.

Today we will be interviewing UK lifestyle blogging team; Rae, Lily and Dani from Beauty at Brunch who were the winners in the SuperFoodLx sponsored category Best New Blog at the Health Blog Awards 2016. When you get the chance, reach out, follow, like and subscribe to their respective channels on social media as they are the perfect way to stay informed on the health and beauty community.

Who are you and what do you do?

D: I am a personal trainer and H&F manager at a fitness club in Kent. I love weight lifting and bodybuilding and would love to enter a bikini competition one day!

R: I graduated with a degree in Contour Fashion (Lingerie and Swimwear design) I’m responsible for the Style pages on Beauty at Brunch.

L: I have 10 years experience in the beauty industry and am currently work as a beauty therapy lecturer in a local College. I write for our beauty section on the blog.

What inspired you to start Beauty at Brunch?

R: Every weekend we would take it in turns to do Brunch for each other and have a good old natter – the topics – health, fitness, beauty & fashion.

Lily and I discussed starting up a blog as we felt we had a lot to offer in our own retrospective areas of expertise. Once Dani was on board we started brainstorming ideas and getting ready for the launch. Before we knew it our Sunday brunches turned into Beauty at Brunch meetings.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

D: I love attending blogging events and meeting fellow bloggers and like-minded people from the H&F industry. My drive and motivation comes from the people I have met through blogging; I have been truly inspired by other bloggers who make me believe that we can achieve anything!

R: I love it all! It enables me to have creative freedom. I’m very interested in photography, branding and am a bit of an analytics geek so this gives me the opportunity to combine all of my passions! I completely agree with Dani – We’ve met some incredible people through blogging – everyone has been so supportive and it’s a real pleasure to be part of the blogosphere!

L: I love what a supportive industry it is. Everyone seems so willing to help each other and we have met some really amazing people and brands through blogging. It has also made me realise how lucky I am – Just looking back at Instagram pictures reminds me of all of the wonderful things I have done.

Do you have a favourite blog post and if so what is it and why?

D: “Why Instagramming Your Food Is Good For You” because it was really fun to write! It was a tongue-in-cheek look at our health and fitness and social media cultures and I was able to be really playful with the topic.

What was it like to win in the best new blog category?

D: Unbelievable. To think of what we’ve achieved in such a short space of
time is incredible, and I think it’s a great precursor for things to come for Beauty at Brunch!
R: We have been on such a high since the awards!
L: It is such an incredible feeling to have won. We were up against such talented bloggers who all work very hard. It was an honour to even have been shortlisted.

What plans do you have for the future of your blog?

D: I would love to build the wellness pages to be a real go-to hub for advice and information in health and fitness, for both my client base and our readers.

R: We want to take Beauty at Brunch all the way! Watch this space!

L: I feel we have achieved so much already! We would love to keep gaining readers – I think having the knowledge in our individual areas helps build an honest relationship with our readers. We have a two year plan with the blog and would love to make it our main career eventually.

If you had to choose one meal to eat everyday for one year, what would it be?

D: mine would have to be grilled chicken with sweet potato and broccoli!

It’s the perfect meal nutrition-wise with the right balance of macros.

Although I would be incredibly lean and healthy, I might die of boredom halfway through the year 😉

R: Sweet – Cinnamon french toast // Savoury – My husband makes an epic basil gnocchi with a pear and walnut salad.

L: Pizza! I know it isn’t the healthiest choice but I never get bored of pizza.

What do you do to relax and de stress?

D: I have recently taken up yoga and boxing! Funnily enough, I find them both equally beneficial for relaxing the mind and body, and improving my focus.

R: You really can’t beat a nice long soak in the bath.

L: I have started Pilates and I feel that it is the perfect way to de stress. I also read every night to help me relax just before bed.

What is your least favourite health fad and why?

D: waist trainers, I hate to think young girls might be doing potentially serious damage to their bodies just for an ‘ideal’ aesthetic. I hate this so much I wrote a whole post on it!

R: There’s a lot of dangerous health fads out there right now which are taking things to the extremes – it’s really best to find balance.

What is your favourite superfood?

R: Avocado has got to be the Superfood of the moment. I tend to eat it with a quinoa and pomegranate salad! I also am a big fan of blueberries and have them most days on porridge.

Photo courtesy of recipes hub 

D: Am I allowed to say chocolate?! As long as it’s organic dark choc, obvs! Dark choc contains antioxidants and is good for the heart. It’s such a treat and definitely good for the stress levels 🙂

What is your most trusted natural remedy or keep healthy tip?

D: never underestimate the importance of sleep. Make good sleep hygiene and routine a priority and you’ll feel amazing!

If you have a tip (recipe, natural treatment) for keeping your hair healthy would you be able to provide one.

R: If my hair is looking unhealthy I make up an avocado hair mask – not gonna lie – it gets a bit messy.

If you could offer one piece of advice (about anything) what would it be?

D: Do what makes you happy, and learn to say no to things that cause you stress and unhappiness 🙂

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