The benefits of 5htp and Vitamin D

We all know the importance of a good diet and the right nutrients but there are two specific nutrients that are often greatly overlooked. Vitamin D and 5htp. Vitamin D you may already be aware of. It’s what you get from the sun which is why a lot of people find themselves low in Vitamin D in winter which effects your mood and your energy levels among other things. 5htp is an amino acid that your body produces naturally, and it directly relates to Serotonin levels which we will talk more about in a second.

SuperFoodLx have created a supplement aptly named ‘Mood Architect’ because these two nutrients combined help people manage any negative emotions. This happens due to the boost in serotonin levels which you can consider our bodies natural happy drug. The more serotonin you have, the happier you feel so it goes without saying that if you have good levels of Vitamin D and 5htp you will feel happier overall.

This obviously has proven benefits for mental health, specifically, Anxiety and Depression. With the right levels of these key nutrients you will be able to manage your negative emotions better and boost your serotonin levels, bettering your mental health. Some studies have shown that it’s so good at helping with depression that it’s just as good as some antidepressants on the market.

It’s not just for happiness and mental health though. A supplement such as this can maintain the health of bones and teeth, support the health of the immune system, helps diabetes patients, has cancer fighting properties and can even go as far as improving your hair growth.

It sounds like a miracle worker, right?

One point to note is that it’s also important where you buy such a nutrient from. SuperFoodLx are selling this combined supplement titled ‘Mood Architect’. You may be wondering how it’s different to say buying Vitamin D separate or searching for another brand. This supplement specifically is derived from Lichen which is a natural source grown and used in the making of these supplements versus many forms of Vitamin D and other nutrients which are made in a lab and are often derived from animal sources such as Lanolin (sheep’s wool).

Consider adding this supplement to your diet for a healthier you and to increase those all-important Seratonin levels.



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