Best oils for growing afro hair

Illuminism is a new and very popular product that promises to help you softening, growing, and better managing your amazing and natural afro style. Here are some of the reasons why Illuminism is a natural and effective choice to naturally stimulate your afro hair

Illuminism treatment is here to stay. Thanks to its many properties the illuminism treatment has demonstrated to be very effective in the natural treatment of your afro hair by enhancing natural processes as growth, strengthen and soften your hair with the help of its many natural ingredients and their amazing properties.

Here is how Illuminism ingredients help you to enhance your hair health:

Pomegranate oil: an ancient symbol of luxurious hair

The pomegranate seed oil is an ancient tool for hair and skin health. Filled with keratinocytes, it can help to restore your skin from previous damage as well as an anti-aging potion.

Commonly used for hair treatment, the pomegranate seed oil is very efficient to bring deep hydration on your scalp as well as alleviating signs of alopecia and eczema from it. Thanks to its anti-oxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C components, pomegranate seed oil effectively stimulates your scalp, improving its circulation thus enhancing hair growth and revitalizing brittle hair.

Olive squalane for effective moisturising

Squalane is natural lipid produce for our body but also found in many foods like olive. It can be used to efficiently hydrate face and body but also your hair and scalp, helping you to enjoy from a glossy and healthy hair.

By proper moisturising with squalane you can prevent breakage and protect your hair from further damage, science says.

Grapeseed oil to enjoy a vibrant hair

This incredible natural oil is rich in linoleic acid; an essential fatty acid that helps you to enjoy vibrant, healthy and shiny hair.   Thanks to the Japanese, we now know that grape seed oil used as a tonic can maximise and improve natural hair growth.

Grapeseed oil is a natural conditioning agent that will help you to control the frizz as well as restoring your scalp and hair by improving its moisture. It can also help you to fight dandruff caused by a dry scalp.

Safflower: a Britain secret for hair beauty

This super plant original from Britain is filled with vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and linoleic acid; all essential components for overall health but also to improve scalp, and hair health.

Vitamin E for a healthy scalp

This nutrient possesses several benefits for your hair health since it has several antioxidant properties which can reduce damage and enhance natural hair growth.

Vitamin E can also help to support a healthy scalp by helping to reduce the damage that oxidative stress causes to hair follicle cells thus preventing them to break down.

Rosemary oil a Mediterranean secret for healthy hair

This herbal ingredient for many dishes is also a remedy for hair health. Like peppermint oil, it possesses many antioxidant components as well as anti-inflammatory properties to take care of your scalp and stimulate natural and strong hair growth.

By making massages directly to your scalp with this essential oil, you can promote hair restoration as well as hair thickening.

As for the peppermint oil, you will feel a cold sensation on your scalp which will help you to improve scalp circulation thus enhancing hair growth and strength by directly stimulating hair follicles.

Castor oil for hair loss

This Caribbean solution is widely known as an effective and incredible popular treatment for hair loss but also to make your hair grow longer.

As we always recommend, before including some type of supplement or essential oil to your hair care routine, make sure to check before with your doctor for all the alternatives and the vest choices for you.


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