In June 2016 The Health Bloggers Community hosted their first ever awards ceremony titled the ‘HBC Blog Award’. The event was in collaboration with That Protein and sponsored ourselves along with several other great brands such as; Linwoods, Protein Haus, The Soil Association and several others. The awards were friendly and fun celebration of the fast-growing community of health bloggers which continues to grow and evolve each day.

Here at SuperFoodLx we have chosen to interview a few of the winners and finalists from the HBC Awards. Each interview provides a mini insight into each blogger but what SuperFoodLx liked the most about the interviews was learning about what makes a great health blog and their each bloggers favourite health tips.

Today we will be interviewing UK vegan food blogger Luci Rebecca from Made by Luci who was a finalist from the Health Blog Awards 2016 in the Best Vegan Blog category. When you get the chance, reach out and follow, like and subscribe to her respective channels on social media as they are a great way to stay informed on the health community.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Luci and by day, I’m actually a front-end developer for a bank! It pays for the groceries for my “evening hobby”: a food-loving blogger!

What inspired you to start your blog?

Originally, it was to show that healthy eating didn’t have to mean picking at lacklustre lettuce leaves and a bit of quiche to reach your goals – since then I’ve transitioned to a more whole foods, vegan diet and want to share my experiences with the world because so many people have no idea what vegans can eat.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

By far my favourite bit is the creating of new recipes – in part because during the process I get to eat my creations! But also eating and experiences other places from the point of view of a vegan is so interesting, that’s a close second.

Do you have a favourite blog post and if so what is it and why?

Not really – I only write about what I find interesting, or what I find (or would of found) useful, so I guess you could say they’re all my favourite, in a way.

What plans do you have for the future of your blog?

In the future – more of the same: to show that vegan food is delicious and can be so simple! But also that things like cakes can still be enjoyed, and that most of the time, the most complex ingredient you need is a packet of ground linseed!

If you had to choose one meal to eat everyday for one year, what would it be?

One?! I don’t think I can! Can I pick two? I’m literally torn – anyone who follows me on Instagram can probably hazard a pretty strong guess and one contender:


It’s by far and away my favourite meal, and I’ve been known to have it for both lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast. It’s so versatile and can be dressed up so many different ways, I never get bored.

My other option would be curry. I love Indian food and am fortunate enough to work with several people from Pune and the surrounding areas. I’m always mining some of my colleagues for information on how they would cook something, or what to serve it with, so I can get the real authentic experience.

What do you do to relax and de stress?

I have a couple of go-tos – in the evening, I like to settle down with my feet up on the sofa and read a book. Nothing settles the worries and stresses of the day for me like losing myself in a good book!

During the day, if the weather accommodates, I love going for a walk around where I work. I remind myself to breathe, take in my surroundings, and take perspective on whatever I’m dealing with that day.

What is your least favourite health fad and why?

Hmm, it’s probably a bit controversial but actually, I think it has to be the term “clean eating”… which I suppose isn’t a fad, per-se, but it really bugs me when a food or meal is deemed “clean”. The connotations of that are so much wider than most people realise and I believe it can be very damaging to impressionable or vulnerable people.

What is your favourite superfood?

I suppose it depends what you’re calling a “superfood” – kale is like a natural superfood, but it’s just found in the fresh produce section at the shops! We get through at least one big bag a week! But in the popular sense I suppose… maca powder is up there, because I love adding it to smoothies and oats! But also spirulina goes a wicked colour, and it even goes in curries!

Yes, I’m very indecisive!

What is your most trusted natural remedy or keep healthy tip?

Move. Even if it’s just a little, move your body. A gentle walk even for a few minutes is better than slouching on the couch. I strongly believe that walking is good for both the body and the soul!

If you have a tip (recipe, natural treatment) for keeping yourself healthy would you be able to provide one.

A tip, I think – balance your diet, and regret nothing. Often when I’m in staying London I seem to end up having two breakfasts – the first being some kind of vegan cupcake, and the second usually a very indulgent that I find from HappyCow!

I do have to remind myself, as I rub the frosting off my nose, to not feel to bad: I’m rarely in London more than 3 times a year… So, yes I have two breakfasts. One is cake, with no regrets. I simply balance things out the rest of the time by eating in a intuitive, whole foods way.

If you could offer one piece of advice (about anything) what would it be?

Be kind to yourself, and others.

And when you forget – be kind to yourself.

Made by Luci social media links

insta/snapchat/twitter: @lucirebecca

facebook/pinterest: madebyluciblog

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