Black Beauty

This month we featured in Black Beauty & Hair Magazine.

We were highlighted for our Hair Skin & Oils product. All of our products are made from plant based, vegan and gluten free ingredients. Unlike many of our competitors, we help create an effective, genuine and long lasting impact on the health and beauty of your hair which is supported by science.

Thanks to our teams’ background as a registered nurse who worked for the National Health Service for over 45 years, you can expect nothing less than expert advice and products designed with a purpose and benefit.
Our work is being to become known especially as we grow and people start to see the results our products can have when used.

Here is some more information about the product:

A light weight, fragrance free, multi vitamin topical vitamin which just might be the best oil you ever use. Contains every naturally occurring vitamin A – K and omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. Rich in silica for collagen support. Ideal for brows, beards, scalp, cuticles and hair length. A truly versatile and potent hair, skin and nail oil which is ‘dry’ and velvety on application.

Below is a consumers trial report on the effect Hair Skin & Nail Oil had.
  • It accelerated hair growth rate
  • It reduced fine lines
  • It reduced acne break outs
  • It decreased dandruff
  • It improved rosacea

You can also see how to best make use of the product below:

Skin- Apply one to three drops each morning and/or night
Beards- 4-8 drops as often as needed
Scalp- Apply sparingly as often as needed
Hair- This depends on length and texture. This oil can be used as a leave in or wash out treatment for all hair types that need more moisture. Rub oil vigorously into palms and fingers and pass hands through hair like a comb to evenly distribute.

Shoulder Length Bleached blonde 2-4 drops
Short Grey Hair: 2-3 drops
Long Red Wavy Hair 8-10 drops

Curly Hair types – Can be used on the scalp. 8-10 drops
Type 4 dense kinky curly hair – Best used as a scalp treatment.

We’d like to thank Black Beauty Magazine for the feature and look forward to working with them again.

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