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14 reviews for Hair Skin and Nail Oil

  1. Jessica Christie

    This hair oil is a total game changer. I have really course, dry, dyed blonde curly hair and find it difficult to keep on top of its condition. I have always been open to trying different products because I have never found something that keeps the curls defined, manages frizz and keeps it in good condition. I was lucky enough to be able to try the oil before I bought it, I was with a friend at the time who said she could see an immediate difference in the appearance of my hair. I bought two bottles as advised because my hair was so dry. The first time I used it, I drenched my hair in the oil and slept in it overnight. This was approximately a month ago now and I have not needed to do this treatment again. My hair is still so soft, shiny and healthy. I use about 5 drops on my hair everyday when its dry. I have a bottle I leave on my desk at work and use it throughout the day too. I appreciate that not everyone would need to use it as intensively as I do, but the pipette allows you to use as much or as little as you like.

    I also use this oil on my face. I have dry, very sensitive skin which (annoyingly) is prone to blemishes and redness. This oil has made my skin tone much better, My skin is hydrated, and less likely to break out. In fact – I don’t wear base make up anymore day to day as I don’t feel the need to. This is a really big deal for me as I am usually a heavy coverage MAC girl and wouldn’t leave the house without at least a base coat to hide the redness.

    And, if that’s not praise enough – it’s such good value for money!

  2. Brucella Newman Persaud

    I started using superfoodlx Quinoa Shampoo and Conditioner and Advanced Nutrient Complex Hair, Skin and Nails Oil with Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 a month ago… As soon as I used the hair products, I noticed how silky and sleek my hair felt. As a mixed race naturally curly haired woman with salon coloured hair, it felt wonderful to run my fingers through silky curls that no longer felt like straw. I added some of the oil to my curly hair cream and it kept the curls soft and bouncy. My nails have
    become super strong, tough and very nourished. My nails look like they’ve had a professional manicure, but they haven’t. I’m recommending the oil to my family. My skin has a lovely healthy glow from the oil, which goes on lightly and smells wonderful. I’m really glad I met you lovely ladies and I will definitely be ordering more from your website… Thank you so much for bringing us your products! Highly recommended!

  3. Julie Webster

    I am taking two of the hair skin nails capsules as advised and using the oil on my face at night. A week later, a friend today commented on my skin (especially around the eyes) so I told her about the oil and capsules.

  4. Della Thielamay

    I’ve been getting so many compliments on my hair and skin since using this product . I feel like my hair is shinier and bouncier and my skin is super smooth . Great product . Definitely recommend!

  5. Mirabel Stuart

    As a hand model, my nails endure a lot of nail polish, remover, acetone etc and in the winter they can get dry and split. After using the nail oil, my nails felt stronger and moisture was locked in! Thanks so much

  6. Kirsty Samantha

    I wanted to share how amazing your product is! I suffer with rosacea and it has calmed down the redness man massively taken down the lumps and break outs – I now use this every evening.
    I can now leave the house makeup free and I will definitely be purchasing more!!

  7. Lucrezia Galli

    I have used the quinoa protein range and the hair skin and nail oil and absolutely loved them. They made my hair so shiny and glossy

  8. Georgia Round

    Really love the oil so far. I’ve used it on my recent photoshoots and I have had so many comments on my hair looking healthy and shiny! I really honestly like it

  9. Rosella Kendrick

    A family friend recommended the oil as she attended This Morning Live and met your team and her skin has improved it’s less lined.

    I have a stressful job and do computer work for around 8 hours a day (and don’t get much sleep) so my skin is showing my lifestyle! I’m 32 and feel old starting to get lines!

    I’ve been using the oil on my face and my skin looks a lot fresher and a bit less lined. I also use it on a crispy part of my hair where it’s bleached and I over straighten. So I shall continue using it

  10. Julie Webster

    I use the oil on my face as a night treatment and also rub into my nails. Any excess goes onto my hands.
    I have had compliments on how well I look which is always good to hear. It’s when they add ‘for your age’ I could do without Ha ha.
    The capsules have definitely helped my nails. They are stronger and break less. My hair was thinning at the temple but it appears slightly thicker and want to continue with the treatment to see if it progresses further with time. I can’t believe it’s been 3 months. I take 2 a day as you instructed. I haven’t run out if the oil yet as a little goes a long way but it will be good to have ready when it runs out.

  11. Sarah Willoughby

    I started using the products a few months after Balance Festival.
    I started with using the oil on my scalp and then the Kelp & Spirulina supplements so I could see what each were doing.

    Even before I started the supplements I felt the oil helped with improving the health of my scalp, giving it moisture and nutrients. At first I didn’t notice a difference with the supplements but over time I started to see lots of tiny new hairs sprouting from areas of baldness. I was shocked at how much. I have always had very fine hair strands so photos just don’t do justice to the current growth I am seeing, it’s better with the naked eye but certainly the reduction in shedding.

    I also have a very healthy diet since changing my eating habits 6 years ago. But didn’t start the hair care changes all at once so I believe the supplements supplied my hair and scalp the healthy foundation for these other things to work and indeed kick started growth in areas I hadn’t seen any in a very long time.

    This stuff works and it is supporting my health in a number of ways. I am so happy to have met you and your Mum, you are doing amazing work! Its given me the motivation I need to take extra care of the hair.

  12. Natalie Cassius

    I am being disciplined and I’m taking my tablets daily, this will be my 4th month of taking 1 tablet a day which is why it probably took longer to see any results but I have definitely noticed a difference with my hair and nails. My nails are stronger and are growing straight rather than curved and I have had some good hair growth. I use the oil on my face at night and I love it, it soaks straight into the skin!

  13. Laticia Foster-Bennett

    My favourite product is the Hair, Skin and Nail Oil. Reasons why I love this product is because I have seen a significant difference in my nails especially.
    I suffer with really dry cuticle, but since I have been using the oil every night, I have definitely noticed a big difference.
    Also love the smell

  14. Jessica Christie – Model

    Hey Paula and Cherry!
    As you know (very well- because I can’t stop talking about it!) my favourite product is the hair, skin and nail oil because it gives life to my hair and got rid of my redness and acne for my face!
    And congratulations on coming 6th place in Vegfest. Soon you’ll be taking over the world!
    All my love,
    Jess x

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