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  1. Brucella Newman Persaud

    I started using superfoodlx Quinoa Shampoo and Conditioner and Advanced Nutrient Complex Hair, Skin and Nails Oil with Omega 3, 6, 7 & 9 a month ago. As soon as I used the hair products, I noticed how silky and sleek my hair felt. As a mixed race naturally curly haired woman with salon coloured hair, it felt wonderful to run my fingers through silky curls that no longer felt like straw. I added some of the oil to my curly hair cream and it kept the curls soft and bouncy. My nails have become super strong, tough and very nourished. My nails look like they’ve had a professional manicure, but they haven’t. I’m recommending the oil to my family. My skin has a lovely healthy glow from the oil, which goes on lightly and smells wonderful. I’m really glad I met you lovely ladies and I will definitely be ordering more from your website… Thank you so much for bringing us your products! Highly recommended!

  2. Kane Church

    I have never used a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner before or a shampoo with quinoa in it but now I am well and truly hooked!
    It took a little while to get used to not having bubbles-especially in the shampoo but you are definitely still receiving the same level of cleanliness as you would from an average shampoo.
    After conditioning my hair felt sooooooo soft and gave me the best and silkiest blow dry that I’ve had in ages. My hair feels much stronger as my hair is usually quite dull and brittle and there’s less breakage which is great.

  3. Chiaka Valentina

    The conditioner is sooo bomb! It leaves my curls soft and feels really strong.
    I have been using it weekly as my hair has been suffering slight breakage from wearing buns too often.

  4. Margherita Barbieri

    These beauties have worked wonders for me-particularly as anorexia had destroyed my hair, so I hand on heart recommend this brand from the rooftops.

  5. Lucrezia Galli

    I have used the quinoa protein range and the hair skin and nail oil and absolutely loved them. They made my hair so shiny and glossy

  6. Hayley Thompson

    Made my hair really soft!

  7. Maro Iordanou

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Quinoa Shampoo and the Quinoa Conditioner. Smells of goodness and it is made of pure goodness. My hair is so shiny and gorgeous smelling x

  8. Matt Gleed

    Hi SuperFoodLX, i bought some of your shampoo and conditioner at the Balance Festival and it has been great for my scalp since. In the past i have had skin cancer on my scalp and it has left me with a very damaged skin on top. Thankfully your product has got me away from big brands with poor product.

  9. Gemma Ortega

    I am really loving my shampoo and conditioner – particularly the smell!!

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